Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode 7 English Subbed

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"I Forgot How to Speak"

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Episode Summary: Feeling useless following the previous battle, Tama goes in search for Sasami. Meanwhile, as Sasami refuses to return to being a priestess, Juju drugs her so that she may bear a child, claiming that Kamiomi is dead, when he is really just being held captive elsewhere. Using what little strength she has, Kagami manages to teleport Tsurugi's sword to Kamiomi so he can break free and rescue Sasami. Juju stands in her way, but Tama arrives and manages to use teleportation to break Juju's sword with Tsurugi's. Tama then proceeds to eat parts of Juju before she is dragged back into the underworld by Tsurugi. Later, Tsurugi calls Sasami, telling her to look after the other sisters whilst she deals with matters in the underworld and sending her the stuffed rabbit she picked out with Juju.

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    Sep 6th, 2015

    damn hell nobody sing the ending song properly!! enough with this sh*t!!

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