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Episode Summary: Makoto Itou is a first-year high school student with a crush on Kotonoha Katsura, a girl who commutes to school on the same train as him, despite the fact that he has never spoken to her. When Sekai Saionji, a classmate of Makoto’s, sees a picture of Kotonoha on Makoto’s cell phone and realizes Makoto’s feelings, she decides to help Makoto win Kotonoha's heart. She becomes friends with Kotonoha and arranges a lunch between the two of them and Makoto. The next day, Makoto asks Kotonoha to be his girlfriend, and she accepts. While waiting to begin their first date, Makoto thanks Sekai repeatedly for setting him up with Kotonoha and asks how he can repay her. Sekai responds by kissing Makoto on the lips, saying that it was enough as a reward, and gets on the train, wishing Makoto luck on his date. On the next scene, Sekai is shown crying in grief during a ride back home.

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  1. AlchemyBlue


    Jan 5th, 2013

    It’s SHIT!!!!!!

  2. Li

    Feb 25th, 2013

    @ AlchemyBlue
    Lolz you’ve been listening to PodTaku as well?

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  4. NukeMore

    Aug 20th, 2013

    First episode was so so… I tryed to watch it further but it was too unrealistic and the story started to get ennoying… I don’t suggest to watch this!!

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  7. biohazard


    Feb 15th, 2014

    Em…can’t download..okey go to kickass.torrent XP

  8. maharjan

    Oct 5th, 2014

    This is 1 hell of an anime …. OMFG !!!
    that guy died so easily…. fk !

  9. If no preference is stated, the donor’s name will be listed. Don single “Stay,” and now we kind of want to curl up in a hot shower and have a good cry ourselves.

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