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"Mind and Body"

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Episode Summary: After sleeping with Taisuke, Kotonoha watches Makoto and Sekai dance and kiss in front of the bonfire and begins to cry. The next day on the train, Kotonoha sees Makoto but says nothing about Taisuke the evening before. Taisuke asks to see Kotonoha again, but Kotonoha rejects him. When Kotonoha runs into Setsuna and Makoto while disposing of festival trash, Setsuna forces Makoto to break up with Kotonoha on the spot, stealing a kiss from Makoto and convincing Kotonoha that Makoto and Setsuna are together. Kotonoha begins to cry when Makoto says he no longer loves her, and Makoto abruptly leaves. Later, Setsuna goes to look for Makoto and overhears him in the gym store room having sex with Otome. Kotonoha begins to act strangely at her home. Setsuna goes to Makoto's house and tries to convince him to remain faithful to Sekai. Makoto forces himself on her, knowing she has feelings for him. Setsuna tries to resist at first, and then consents as long as Makoto swears to break up with Otome. At the Girl's Basketball party, Sekai sees video footage of Makoto and Otome having sex in the lounge. She tries to track down Makoto and instead runs into Kotonoha, who tells her that Makoto is with Setsuna. Sekai notices that Kotonoha's eyes are completely lifeless. After the end credits, Setsuna is seen in the airport. Despite Makoto's attempts to find her, Setsuna ignores him and recalls the first day of school; Setsuna initially had the seat next to Makoto, but Sekai, showing the first signs of being in love with Makoto, successfully begged Setsuna to switch seats with her. With mixed feelings of sadness and regret, Setsuna says farewell.

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