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Episode Summary: While Kotonoha is busy studying at her house, Kokoro asks if she has kissed Makoto yet, and Kotonoha avoids answering. At school, Sekai speaks with her friends, all the while thinking only about the kiss she shared with Makoto. On the roof, Makoto and Kotonoha are sharing a deep kiss when Makoto suddenly gropes Kotonoha's breasts, embarrassing her. She talks to Sekai later that night, and Sekai explains that lovers do this all the time, but Makoto is moving too fast. At school the next day, Sekai agrees to help Makoto by letting him "practice" on her, taking her to a karaoke and various other places, ending at the school roof. Makoto attempts to sleep with Sekai, and although Sekai protests at first, she quickly consents, saying that it is just practice. As Makoto starts to undress Sekai, he is interrupted by the arrival of a text message from Kotonoha. Later, Makoto asks Sekai when they can continue practicing, but Sekai says that it was enough practice and he should go use it on Kotonoha. Makoto bumps into Kotonoha along the way, and she asks him if he had received her message, but he declines. She apologizes and invites him to go to a water park in the near future. Makoto agrees, with Sekai looking on from afar with a sad look on her face.

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