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"A Revealed Relationship"

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Episode Summary: Makoto and Sekai have begun sleeping with each other behind Kotonoha’s back, and while they plan to tell Kotonoha about it, they end up not doing so. Setsuna is worried about Sekai, noticing that she doesn’t look happy about being with Makoto. When Setsuna asks Sekai if Makoto and Kotonoha have broken up, Sekai lies and says they have. Otome plans to confess her love to Makoto, but Kotonoha stops her by telling her that she is dating Makoto. An angry Otome sends a text message to Nanami, asking if Kotonoha is telling the truth, and Nanami confirms it. Later, Kotonoha is unable to meet Makoto for lunch due to a Student Council meeting, and Makoto and Sekai go to the roof alone; however, Kotonoha gets done with her meeting early, and arrives at the rooftop door just in time to hear Makoto and Sekai confess their love to each other.

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