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"Festival Eve"

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Episode Summary: Kotonoha, refusing to believe that Makoto has cheated on her, still thinks that he loves her. Meanwhile, Tanaka, the other class rep besides Setsuna, has broken his arm, leading to Makoto replacing him. Otome and her friends guilt Kotonoha into getting more material for their class in order to build a hidden "lounge" for the school festival. Setsuna, not knowing that Sekai was lying to her about Kotonoha and Makoto breaking up, tells everyone that they did, even taking Makoto's cell phone and blocking Kotonoha's calls and text messages. After hearing this, Taisuke tries to ask Kotonoha to go to the folk dance with him during the school festival while helping her carrying boxes. Kotonoha denies the breakup and leaves the room, bumping into Makoto. She is about to talk to him when Nanami steps in and blocks them, accusing Kotonoha of two-timing on Taisuke, and a confused and hurt Kotonoha runs off crying. That night, Kotonoha goes to Makoto's house wanting to ask him to dance with her at the festival's bonfire, but sees Sekai's shoes by the door and leaves upset. Sekai feels guilty at having been caught and runs out of Makoto's house, bumping into Kotonoha and getting slapped by her.

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