School Days Episode 9 English Subbed

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"After Evening Festival"

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Episode Summary: Kotonoha confronts Setsuna about her kiss with Makoto and threatens to tell Sekai. On the day of the festival, Makoto tries to persuade Sekai for a 'break' the entire day, trying everything to get her to say yes, finally ending when Sekai kicks him for touching her sexually. Makoto pays no attention to Kotonoha. When Makoto finally checks his cell phone, he finds twenty messages from Kotonoha, who has been stuck minding her class' haunted house and "lounge," which is used by couples for sexual activities. On his way to finally see Kotonoha, he is stopped by Otome, who attempts to ask him to the bonfire dance later, only to be interrupted by Sekai. Back in the kitchen, Sekai asks if Makoto will dance with her at the bonfire. Otome encounters Taisuke, who is sulking over being rejected by Kotonoha. They discuss Makoto and Kotonoha's relationship status, and each resolves to be more assertive with their crushes. While Kotonoha is away from the lounge, Otome takes Makoto there and pushes herself onto him, and they have sex. Natsumi and Minami again bully Kotonoha about Makoto ignoring her, and she goes to his class room to see him. There she finds Taisuke, who tells her that Makoto has already gone to the bonfire with Sekai. He then confesses his feelings for her and takes her into his arms. Makoto dances with Sekai around the bonfire, while Taisuke undresses and takes advantage of Kotonoha's fragile emotional state.

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