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"Valentine Days"

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Episode Summary: Kotonoha treats everyone to a trip to an onsen associated with her father's job. When they return to school, the subject of Valentine's Day is discussed at Radish among Nanami, Hikari, Otome, and Sekai. As Hikari asks what Sekai is planning on giving Makoto, Otome points out her crush on Taisuke. Sekai thinks of the opportunities, but Setsuna bursts her bubble and tells her people in the restaurant are staring at her. At Kotonoha's house, she and Kokoro are preparing for Valentine's Day as well, although in a more occult way. And in Sekai's apartment, her mother is enthusiastically making chocolates and offers to help Sekai make some for her crush. The next day at school goes by without Makoto or Taisuke getting any Valentine gifts. However, Otome suddenly appears to ask for Makoto's time alone. Outside of the school, Otome gives him obligation chocolate, claiming her reason was their history in junior high. Sekai then shows up and offers her obligation chocolate to Makoto as well, resulting in animosity from Otome, leading to both of them demanding the other's chocolate be rejected. Makoto then bumps into Kotonoha, who offers him her very strange-looking chocolate. The girls then begin to chase him around various locations, Sekai pulling out a butcher knife and Kotonoha running after him with a dozuki. Sekai's mother and Kokoro also join the chase, and the girls decide to shove the chocolate in his mouth and let him decide by taste. Everything literally blows up in his face, but the girls decide to wait until White Day for his response. In a classroom, Setsuna offers him a small obligation chocolate, and once he claims it tastes delicious, she hands him an enormous box of the chocolate from a secret admirer who was too shy to deliver it. When Makoto asks who the admirer is, Setsuna tells him it was Sawanaga. Taisuke appears from behind a desk, blushing shyly at Makoto, who screams in terror.

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  1. crnr


    Jun 2nd, 2013

    ur lucky that’s all u got XD

  2. Lyrical

    Aug 4th, 2014

    Don’t worry Makoto.
    Soon it will be all over for you.
    You won’t have to think about Valentine’s day ever again.
    Since you will have your head off.

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