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"Magical-Heart Kokoro-chan"

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Episode Summary: On his way to high school in the morning, Makoto sees a magical-girl superhero (Kokoro in disguise) battle a UFO. At school, Taisuke informs him that she is "Magical Heart," a Sailor Moon-like superhero who protects the city from crime, though Makoto does not seem to show any interest. Kokoro has begun to work in the Radish cafe with Sekai, Hikari and Nanami, but in reality, the waitresses are actually part of a battle squad, commanded by Sekai's mother. The four of them are ordered to defend the city from Doctor S (Setsuna in disguise), a Doctor Doom-like supervillain who is using poison gas to turn the people in the city into perverted zombies. The battle squad saves Makoto, Taisuke, Otome and co. from advancing zombies and confront Doctor S (not knowing each others' true identity), using their secret technological weapon - a vacuum cleaner, to suck all the ero-zombie gas away. However, there is too much gas released and eventually their vacuum cleaner blows up. All of them get cornered by perverted zombies (including the newly affected Taisuke, though Makoto comments it's no different to his usual self), but they notice Kokoro has disappeared. Just as the zombies are about to attack, Magical Heart appears and uses her powers to revert the zombified crowd to normal. However, Doctor S uses a pump to inflate her henchman Tanaka, turning him into a giant. Even Magical Heart is no match for his strength, and Makoto attempts to save her (thinking whether this could be another "bad ending"). However, the two of them are saved by the arrival of another magical-girl superhero called "Magical Word" (Kotonoha in disguise). The two magical-girls fuse together into a giant doll (identical to the cartoon-character costume Makoto's class wore at their school festival cafe), and uses a special attack "The Bloody Conclusion" to defeat Doctor S's henchmen (slicing him up with a magical chainsaw), but Doctor S manages to escape. Magical Heart then saves Makoto and co. from drowning in a sea of blood in a boat. The next day, the entire class visits Radish cafe for a drink, and seeing Kokoro, Makoto suspects whether she is Magical Heart.

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  1. crnr


    Jun 2nd, 2013

    LOL pervy zombies XD
    I don’t think he was infected at all XD

    WTF is with that mecha does it draw out power from milk or something XD

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