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"Witch's Crucifix"
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Episode Summary: A frustrated policewoman bewildered by the exhortation from twin sisters that lay out an array of bondage-sadism-domination-masochism implements before eventually swamping her with mercury and tearing her torso asunder is the only warning that the Adepts are on the move yet again as Shin'ichiro prosecutes a search for clues as to where the "Tsar's Crowning" is located unaware that the mice play when the cat is away -- a lesson that Mafuyu stumbles over when she accompanies Fumika into the classroom with a bunch of handouts. Fumika objecting to Miyuri and Hana's persecution of Mafuyu before Sasha interjects his perspective sets the stage for Fumika to recount how she has always had a crush on Sasha who somehow detects something amiss with the twin sisters accosting Fumika -- aka Eva Q and Eva R. Ekaterina explains that Sasha needs to do away with the main body Eva Silver that has already taken over the classroom; while Sasha and Ekaterina exert their respective efforts, Mafuyu bides her time in preparation for a counterstrike to protect Fumika who ultimately becomes the deus ex machina for Sasha to arrive just in the nick of time; furious at Eva Silver's cavalier attitude of humans as replaceable playthings, Sasha powers up and prepares for battle.

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  1. Momo

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    You know in the begin’n i was thinking i would so be there master xP . . but then it got more in to it and i seen there mest up tools and the disqualified part!! xD

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    what the ????? 0.o are little girls suppose to carry those kind of thing in their bag ?????

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