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"Sasha, the Fatal One"
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Episode Summary: The circumstances continue to deteriorate over the course of the Holy Aurum Qwaser's soliloquy over the significance of the "Tsar's Crowning" icon and all the research done to prepare for that moment while Sasha bristles at the idea of being wielded in its machinations before giving chase into the Aquatic Sanctuary with Mafuyu and Teresa along with Hana and Ekaterina right on his heels. Almost everything is in place for the Holy Aurum Qwaser to successfully realize its master plan including being very adept in wielding Sasha's desire to avenge Olja's death to its advantage to complete the ritual necessary to bring about the "Tsar's Crowning"; after having his attacks perverted to his detriment or otherwise nullified, the frustrated and desperate Sasha turns the tables on the astonished Aurum Qwaser who spears Sasha as a final parting shot that sets the stage for a sequence that affirms Mafuyu's love for Sasha along with its ubiquitous utility. The Aurum Qwaser flying back onto the scene none too pleased at Sasha perverting its master plan to his advantage ultimately becomes the forum for demonstrating the necessity of properly ending the war; an a la carte soma recharge and a collaborative counterattack later, Sasha successfully delivers the Aurum Qwaser a stern lesson about God's fierce aversion for ugly when the Icon traps it within the Sanctuary.

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  1. Momo

    Jun 28th, 2012

    So um . . . i wish i were a Qwaser like Sasha! xP

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