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"The Queen and I"
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Episode Summary: While Ekaterina continues appraising Hana's soma, Mafuyu leads Sasha through a girls' day out at the mall with Tomo and Teresa in which Sasha has to haul all of the recently purchased payload like a beast of burden as punishment for ignoring her house rules. A last-minute visit to a lingerie shop at Tomo's request for a bigger brassiere sets the stage for Tomo and Teresa's abduction at the hands of some voyeurs from the fitting room right under Mafuyu and Sasha's noses; a bit of detective work and an expedient intercession from Sasha later, the voyeurs are easily defeated but prove themselves a warm-up compared to the fully charged Ekaterina who decides to appraise the efficacy of Hana's soma. Even with Teresa recharging his soma, Ekaterina easily stalemates Sasha's close-range attacks and would have finished him off if not for Mafuyu and Teresa's combined interjection for temperance; while Mafuyu and Teresa perform the necessary housekeeping with the voyeurs and explaining about Athos, Ekaterina ultimately makes herself at home in Hana's apartment as she wastes no time in refining Hana as her Maria partner.

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    this is

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    I can see alot of S&M play in the near future

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