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"White Lilies of the Battefields"
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Episode Summary: A nightmare of Teresa losing her mentor Wilma while tending some white lilies gives way to having explained to her the arrival of another heretic Qwaser from the Adepts in Japan searching for the "Tsar's Crowning"; as is usually the case with the Adepts and their disciples, it falls on Sasha to slay the assailant after he learns to be versatile with Mafuyu's cooking. While taking a recess in the campus church, Father Yuri explains about Teresa's prologue as a orphan alongside Sister Wilma and how the Chlorine Qwaser Croa led his men in exterminating all of the nuns in her orphanage; Tomo now being wielded as a hostage, it becomes apparent that Croa is not hostile to the idea of finishing what he started a dozen years ago. The deus ex machina that ultimately conquers Croa's chlorine is some well placed calcium hydroxide bags and a copper shield courtesy of Ekaterina; as an unexpected bonus, Teresa also decides to reside with Sasha.

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    Mar 18th, 2013

    not to bad

  2. gregrege

    May 2nd, 2013

    good episode

  3. Chevy

    Jul 31st, 2016

    This show would be good for those that like chemistry.

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