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"The Princess' Egg"
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Episode Summary: Anxious about the prospect of heretic Qwasers of greater potency and psychosis trying their fortunes for the "Tsar's Crowning", Mafuyu decides to take the initiative and search for coveted icon herself ; after a fruitless search through Yuudai Yamanobe's inventory, she then decides to entreat Miyuri's permission to search for clues in the Tsujidou mansion. Miyuri sees an opportunity to restore social homeostasis as she charges labor of Mafuyu along with Tomo and Sasha as guides for her family art exhibit. Ekaterina's teasing amplifies Sasha's aversion to being forced to work as a maid and sets the stage for Ekaterina to explain that her desire to see the Tsujidou Fabergé Egg is why the exhibit is; unfortunately, that same volition drives a paramilitary platoon to raid the exhibit and take the two Qwasers hostage along with the three girls. While Ekaterina relives her prologue of being raped by humans, Miyuri offers herself as erotic entertainment; Hana standing by with Anastasia and Miyuri having galvanized the libido of the soldiers combine into the perfect deus ex machina for Ekaterina to slaughter the soldiers using Miyuri's soma. The ultimate silver lining in this is that the platoon colonel has a bitter prologue with the Sodium Qwaser not unlike Sasha's.

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