Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 11 English Subbed

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"The Fragmented Student Council"

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Episode Summary: In the beginning Ken talks to "Yuki" what he can do to change but gets teased rather than get a serious answer...yet. A flashback shows how Ken and Mafuyu "met". In the student council Ken left due to cold as the Kurimu and Minatsu try to make a serious meeting with the topic about "Part-Time Jobs" also finishing up the paperwork. In the end Mafuyu suggest to go visit Ken which they decided to go. The Student Council run into Ken's "classmates" who went with him during Junior High telling the story how he "Two-timed". Kurimu fights back telling them he said "Yes" that the girls now are happy till they insulted him again making Mafuyu bashes one of them with her bag. The Student Council taught them a lesson as Lilicia makes an appearance stating "the journalism club is meant to make false stories of the Student council." Ken is then nursed by everyone. Mafuyu finally confesses to Ken.

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  1. crnr


    Jan 18th, 2015

    well that came out of nowhere 0.0
    to think mafuyu would say that

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