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"Yukimura, Unable to Recover!? Date army's Tearful Disbandment"
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Episode Summary: Akechi Mitsuhide is ecstatic to see two utterly enraged Oshuu generals. Date Masamune and Katakura Kojūrō ram him with their attacks, but to their dismay he gets away while leaving an ominous remark behind. Sasuke and Kasuga meet each other on their way to Echigo and Kai. Kasuga tells him that Uesugi Kenshin survived and is worried about Takeda Shingen's own safety. She blames herself deeply and makes up her mind to assassinate Oda by herself. Sasuke tries to put a sense into her, but no avail - his words cannot offer her any comfortFinally relenting, he hands to her a small wooden whistle. Due to the destruction of Ryuoh levee, Kai is devastated by flood and torrent of water sweeps everything in its path. Yukimura finds himself washed up ashore along with Shingen. He calls on his lord desperately and tries to wake him up, but Shingen would not open his eyes. His scream echoes the riverside. At Oda's throne room in Owari, Oichi asks Oda about why he continues on with these senseless violences and conquests. Oda throws a double-bladed naginata at her feet as his answer. Akechi enters, interrupting their confrontation, and compliments Oda for his brutal campaigns. He brings up a plan with its own twist to wipe out the remaining factions and Oda approves his deployment. After settling Takeda Shingen in the room of Shieldless Armor, Masamune and Kojūrō listen to Sasuke's information on Oda army's movement and discuss their next move. Kojūrō finds their strategy - which ignores its priority and toys with people's emotion - to be highly unusual and wonders if there is some other force at work, namely Akechi Mitsuhide. However, Masamune sees this as a chance and decides to attack Oda straight. As for how it should be done, Kojūrō is surprised by what Masamune has in his mind. Masamune asks what Yukimura is planning to do, but Yukimura is not in his usual self: he is in great shock and his fighting spirit is crushed. Sasuke reminds him of his duty, but Yukimura confesses that he feels lost in confusion and the uncertainty is making him scared. Masamune leaves Yukimura to himself and walks out. Once outside, he orders his army to disband and expresses his will to go alone. The decision stuns everyone including Yukimura, enough to make him run out to the courtyard and ask why would he do this to his royal soldiers who sworn to serve him. Masamune finds him unconvincing and points out how unfitting Yukimura is to wear his six coins (六文錢; insignia of bravery; also, Sanada clan emblem) in his current state. After he leaves, Kojūrō explains the meaning behind Masaume's action and helps Yukimura to realize his reason to fight. No longer confused, his spirit is re-ignited and he follows after Masamune. Two of them would ride out to fight 'the enemy at Honnō-ji'.

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