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"The Tower of the Azuchi Castle: A Struggle to Death with the Future at Stake"
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Episode Summary: The episode starts with Yukimura and Masamune leading the multi-faction army toward Azuchi Castle. Sasuke leaves the entourage to stop the rest of Oda army heading the same way for castle defense. With high morale, men of era runs toward the battlefield where the overlord awaits. Kojūrō and Mitsuhide fight against each other, when Ranmaru wanders in there too. Mitsuhide tries to take advantage of the situation by taking Ranmaru as a hostage, but Kojūrō was already aware of the child's identity and attacks the general regardless. In the end Kojūrō wins and lets Ranmaru live although he is Oda Nobunaga's underling. As expected, the doors of Azuchi castle are strong. Date Masamune starts to feel his battle wounds aching. Just as they feel stumped, supporting fires shoot through the sky and destroy the castle walls and anybody unfortunate enough to stand close to the impact. Allies from Tosa (Chōsokabe Motochika) and Aki (Mōri Motonari) have arrived! Now the alliance to rise against Oda Nobunaga the demon king, imagined by Maeda Keiji and Takeda Shingen, is truly complete. In the meanwhile, Oichi realizes that she, albeit unwittingly, neutralized Nōhime. She approaches her brother Oda, with an uneasy resolve to kill him if she cannot stop him. However, she cannot bring herself to kill him nor convince him to change his way. Yukimura and Masamune arrive in time only to see Oichi killed mercilessly by her brother for her hesitation. Then the big battle between Oda Nobunaga and Sanada Yukimura and Date Masamune begins. Two generals' relentless attacks are no match for the demon king's fearsome might. Oda smites Masamune with one of his attack and it worsens the already injured Masamune's condition to the point that he can barely resist Oda's grip. Just as Yukimura runs in to help, suddenly Honda Tadakatsu flies in and faces Oda instead to give time for Masamune to recover. He is killed but does significant damage to Oda's weapon. Yukimura thanks Honda Tadakatsu for his sacrifice with great sadness and wishes lord Tokugawa Ieyasu to honor his faithful retainer in afterlife. Masamune and Yukimura faces Oda one last time with an attack with every once of their power and successfully defeats Oda Nobunaga. After the battle, every state returned to their original state of battling against each other. The episode ends with Takeda Shingen battling against Uesugi Kenshin and Sanada Yukimura fight with his rival Date Masamune for supremacy.

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