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"Shattered Bonds: Masamune's Disgraceful Retreat!"
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Episode Summary: As Nagamasa is dying in Oichi's arms, he shares his last words with her. Akechi reveals that Oichi was sent to the Azai Clan to deceive Nagamasa, as well as other important generals, in order to weaken their military power, but because she fell in love with Nagamasa, she couldn't accomplish any of her given orders. With his last words, Nagamasa forgives her for lying to him and finally dies. Masamune, who witnessed it all, gets heated up and, despite Kojūrō's advise to retreat, he starts a battle with Mitsuhide. Meanwhile, Ieyasu is faced with the truth that Oda has abandoned him and orders, with the help of Tadakatsu's to hold back the enemy, the soldiers to retreat. The wife of the Demon King, Nōhime, arrives and after witnessing the retreat and betrayal of Ieyasu, she kills off his soldiers and sets to kill Honda Tadakatsu as well. While Tadakatsu saves Yukimura from getting hit by Nōhime's underground bomb, he, with Yukimura's spear stuck in his jetpack and unable to fly, dies himself. On the other side of the field, Masamune decides against attacking Oda to prevent his army from being annihilated by Mitsuhide's firearms and orders a retreat. After the death of Tadakatsu, Tokugawa Ieyasu decides to join the alliance with Takeda. Yukimura rides after Masamune to offer him to stay at Kai instead of riding all the way back to Oshuu. In response, Masamune tumbles off his horse to the ground, and it's revealed he was injured during the gun volley. He is taken back to Kai for treatment.

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