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"The Great Temple of Blood! Kojūrō's Desperate Situation"
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Episode Summary: Matsunaga Hisahide is intrigued by Katakura Kojūrō's arrival, and plans to use him in order to force Takeda's hand. Under normal circumstances, Takeda will not lend out the armor for the life of foreign soldiers, but this condition changes if Kojūrō - the highest ranking vassal of the Date army and Masamune's confidant - gets captured and taken hostage. Matsunaga wanted to drive a wedge between the two factions. This is his display of contempt toward the will and purpose of the Anti-Oda alliance. Miyoshi Death Squad blocks Kojūrō's path, using a special incense which works as slow acting poison. With his strength reduced, Kojūrō has a hard time fending off his enemies, but he overcomes with quick thinking, skill, and sheer willpower. Yukimura and Sasuke arrives at Tōdai-ji some time later. With the lingering presence of poison in the air, they worry about Kojūrō's current state and follow after him. Matsunaga greets Kojūrō at a temple ruin. He is surprised that Kojūrō actually brought Date Masamune's swords and mocks Date for throwing away his precious swords for mere lives of grunt soldiers. Kojūrō responds back by saying that there isn't a single insignificant person in the Date army; because everybody has stakes in this, they are always ready and willing to give up their lives and sometimes they do get sacrificed. However, their sacrifices will never be in vain - that is Masamune's creed and what supports the Date army. Kojūrō hands over Masamune's swords, but at the same time, he demands a duel with Matsunaga. Matsunaga refuses, saying that a negotiation is out of question unless his initial demands are met first. Yukimura finally arrives at the scene and hands over the armor. Sasuke tries to sneak past Matsunaga, but unfortunately Matsunaga senses Sasuke's presence, and he destroys his surroundings and everyone else's with a series of explosions. Back in Kai, Date Masamune regains consciousness. What awaited him was Takeda Shingen himself. They speculate on Matsunaga's action and the intention behind it. Shingen mildly ask for his cooperation and Masamune promises to return the favor on the battlefield. Matsunaga tries to retrieve the treasures, but the enraged Kojūrō stands before him. Matsunaga uses his bomber troops to fight off Yukimura and Kojūrō. Even though the poison in the air takes a toll on Kojūrō, with a help from Sasuke, he successfully lands a fatal hit on Matsunaga. In his final act, Matsunaga ends his own life by blowing himself up. After the fight, Kojūrō is relieved to find the Date soldiers somehow survived the explosion.

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