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"The Vow's Seal! The One-Eyed Dragon vs. the God of War Confrontation at Hitotoribashi!"
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Episode Summary: After returning to Oshu, Date picks out Kojuro's sword and decides to use it as a substitute for losing one of his six swords. Date's forces then head towards Setouchi were Uesugi's forces resides. In Osaka, Hanbei meets with Kojuro who informs him of Date's defeat, which he doesn't believe until Hanbei showed him one of Date's sword. Keiji arrives at Osaka but sees Toyotomi's forces leaving and tries to speak with Hideyoshi, however Hanbei stopped him and the two had a brief conversation about what happened in Tetorigawa and left. While travelling to Satsuma, Sanada starts to think about the war and the people as he witness villagers whose families of soldiers went to war then spots Toyotomi's forces heading towards Shikoku. In Setouchi, Kenshin's forces had left, which has surprised Date's men but Date himself realize what Kenshin was doing and thanked him as the two approached each other and made contact with their swords. In Setouchi, both Chosokabe and Mori's forces begun attacking each other with Motochika gaining the upper hand with his Fugaku, and Motonari becoming more interested in it.

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