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"The Threatening Alliance of Toyotomi and Mori! The Thundering Fists of the Conqueror Tear Through the Waves!"
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Episode Summary: While Motochika is successful at his defence on Shikokou, Keiji returns to Kaga and meets with Toshiie and Matsu. They reveal that the Toyotomi clan wants the Maeda forces to attack Kai, which has surprised Keiji, but Toshiie commented about his understanding of Keiji's path to peace. In the battle on Setouchi, Motochika's forces have reduced the number of Mori's boat forces, however Motonari plans to lure Fugaku to allow Toyotomi's forces to attack. Hideyoshi appeared and reduces the area's sea with his fits, allowing the Fugaku to be unmovable on dry surface, however Motochika ordered his forces to fire the cannon at him, only for Hideyoshi to block the cannonball with his bare hands. A large number of Toyotomi and Mori's forces have surrounded the Fugaku but Motochika had gotten it moving on land and head towards Hideyoishi, however Hideyoshi had stopped it and confront Motochika. The two fight, with Hideyoshi easily gaining the upper hand on Motochika, leading to Sanada who had arrived and witness the battle to go and support Motochika and his forces, despite Sasuke's warning. With Sanada's forces managing to defeat a large number of Toyotomi and Mori soldiers they were however outnumbered, with Oyamada trying to clear a path to retreat but was killed in the process. With Motochika's last stand he had manage to defeat most of Toyotomi and Mori's forces but failed to defeat Hideyoshi as the Fugaku breaks down and destroyed, with Motochika seen falling and Toyotomi's victory secured.

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