Sengoku Collection Episode 16 English Subbed

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"Blade Adept"

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Episode Summary: Yoshiteru Ashikaga plans a private party with Yagyū Sekishūsai, hoping to get revenge for the pranks she played on her in their youth. However, her attempt to get payback with a spice-filled snack backfires when Sekishusai catches on to her plan. As their rivalry heightens, Nobunaga appears, wanting to take their secret treasures. Wanting to keep their treasures, Yoshiteru and Sekishusai form a temporary alliance and have Nobunaga participate in a game of russian roulette using cakes filled with habanero peppers. However, Nobunaga manages to prevent any kind of cheating and Sekishusai is knocked out. After Yoshiteru and Sekishusai confess that they played pranks on each other because they respected each other, Nobunaga ends up eating the last spicy slice. Deciding she doesn't want to be separated from Sekishusai, Yoshiteru willingly drinks some super hot tea, passing out alongside her whilst Nobunaga takes their treasures.

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