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"Sunshine Ruler"

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Episode Summary: Liu Bei is a maid-for-hire who is cursed to turn into a pig whenever the sun sets. She is asked to help out a former actress named Tae Haruhi who initially refuses her help, but soon starts to appreciate the work she does. During one night, Liu, in her pig form, spots Tae being hassled by her nephew, who wants her to move to a nursing home so he can build a condo over her house. As Liu gets knocked off by a stray sandal, Tae takes her inside the rooms she refused to show her normally, confessing how she pretends to be self-capable so that she won't have to go to a nursing home. Afterwards, Liu spends her days taking care of Tae and spends nights being looked after by her. As Tae eventually stumbles upon Liu's secret, they are approached by Nobunaga, who takes Liu's secret treasure, removing her curse in the process. As Tae's nephew once again attempts to get her to sign away her land, Liu stands in his way, declaring herself as Tae's protector and friend.

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