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"Beat of Awakening"
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Episode Summary: A girl named Hibiki Tachibana attends a concert held by Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amō, who form the pop duo, ZweiWing. In the middle of the concert, the stadium is attacked by an alien race known as Noise who begin killing the attendees. Tsubasa and Kanade summon mechanical battle armor known as Symphogear to fight off the Noise, but soon find themselves in a pinch. Kanade tries to protect Hibiki, but she is hit by a stray fragment of Kanade's armor. With her suit losing power, Kanade sings a song that destroys all the Noise, but at the cost of her own life. Back in the present, Hibiki, who was able to survive, is attending Lydian Music Academy alongside her friend, Miku Kohinata, while Tsubasa, who goes to the same school, continues to fight the Noise alone. As Hibiki goes into town to buy a new CD, she comes across a Noise attack and tries to help a young girl get to safety. When they become cornered, she sings the song she heard Kanade sing that day which ends up giving her Symphogear armor.

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