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"The End in the Distance"
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Episode Summary: Pheles and Johan's child, Justus, is entrusted to Wilhelmina, while a large group of Flame Haze is assembled at the Heavenly palace to depart to Xanadu with them. Lamis also sets for the Denizens' new world leaving to Yuji some Power of Existance he assembled and a restriced spell "Grammatica", whose properties he lets Yuji find out for himself. Only Shana, Yuji, Sydonay, Margery and Yoshida stay behind when the spell on Misaki City is lifted and the city starts moving again. Yuji reveals to the others his desire to create a mirror version of Misaki City in Xanadu, but first, he intends to restore all humans in the city whose existence was absorbed by the Denizens, and to acomplish that, Yuji demands Yukari Hirai's flame in Shana's possession. Shana refuses to agree with Yuji's intentions to leave her behind in atonishment and starts fighting him, while Margery goes full force against Sydonay. In the end, Yuji accepts Shana's feelings and Sydonay is killed, fulfilling his wish to rejoin Hecate in spirit. When Yuji and Shana kiss, the spell left by Lamia activates and Yuji also becomes not a Torch anymore, but an actual existence. Life returns to normal at Misaki City, including Yukari Hirai being restored while Yuji and Shana depart for Xanadu together.

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