Shikabane Hime: Aka Episode 10 English Subbed

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"Stars on the Ground"
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Episode Summary: Keisei learns that Minai was destroyed by a member of the sect, which is strange to him since Ouri had last hidden her in a supposedly safe place. He rushes out of the hospital to his superior, Bishop Gon, to confront him. Afterward, Ouri is called out by Kazuka to look at a magazine featuring a cult with followers that regenerate after being burned alive. Under the belief that it is related to the Shikabane, Ouri visits this cult only to discover it to be a hoax instead. Upon Ouri's departure, the cult leader is visited by seven extremely powerful Shikabane calling themselves the Shichisei Hokuto (Seven Stars) who then kill him. The traitor monk Akasha allies himself with the Seven Stars to plot the total destruction of his former comrades at the Kougon Sect (responsible for overseeing the Corpse Princess teams). Meanwhile, Keisei identifies the Kougon monk who destroyed Minai as Ouri's boss at the bar. Their cover blown, Sadahiro and Akira abandon the bar, leaving Ouri unemployed. Makina has flashbacks of the Seven Stars, suggesting she was killed by them.

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