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"Second Decay"

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Episode Summary: Toshio is shocked that Megumi died from anemia, and requests her parents to do an autopsy on her, but her father refuses. While heading to Megumi's funeral, Natsuno meets Ritsuko Kunihiro, a nurse working at Toshio's hospital. After paying his respects, Kaori approaches Natsuno and attempts to give Megumi's greeting card present to him, but he declines, stating that he wasn't close to Megumi anyway. Meanwhile, Toshio and his staff conclude that Megumi died from an uncommon type of anemia but the cause of death remains unknown. More deaths start to get the attention of Toshio, with the latest victim refusing to see the doctor. Toshio and Seishin meet up with the town councilman Ishida, who reveals that ten people died from mysterious causes between Sotoba and Mizobe, a neighbouring village, in an unusually short period of time. Toshio has reason to believe an epidemic is spreading, so he, Seishin and Ishida do their best to investigate without panicking the populace. Toshio swears to find out the cause of this and save his village. Natsuno suddenly feels uncomfortable and closes up his window, like he always did to prevent the late Megumi peeking on him. However, it still brings no comfort as he feels a pair of eyes watching him from outside.

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