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"Twentieth Mourning"

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Episode Summary: As morning hits the village, the villagers rummage through the buildings and hunt sleeping shiki. The villagers learn that a shiki had killed Mrs. Ozaki. They follow the footsteps only to find Atsuchi. Atsuchi's father kills him. As nighttime falls, the villagers put the dead shiki in a pit. Ozaki reveals that there are more shiki, and the villagers learn that the shiki might be hiding underground. Seishirou shoots at the villagers, but Natsuno stops him. Meanwhile, Toru tries to force Ritsuko to kill Yasuyo, but Ritsuko refuses to kill - it is against her nature. Toru releases Yasuyo. The villagers prepare an ambush for the remaining shiki. Other villagers drag out shiki from the pipelines to stake them in the heart. Upon hearing about the shiki killings, Sunako grows scared. She feels that she won't be saved because she killed people. As day comes and light streams through, Ritsuko and Toru hold onto each other. Meanwhile, the shiki control a human and the human shoots at the attacking villagers. Atsuchi's father kills that human to Ozaki's shock.

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