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"Eighth Night"

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Episode Summary: Natsuno, Kaori and Akira dig up Megumi's coffin to find it empty, confirming their suspicions. Kaori is suddenly captured by someone but manages to repel him using the good-luck charm she gave to Megumi. Natsuno arrives and kills the man in self-defense. They realize that the man has no body heat prior to being "killed", meaning he's one of the vampires. They partially bury him in Megumi's grave, hoping the adults will take notice. In the morning, the three return to the forest and discover that the vampire had revived and covered the grave back up. Natsuno decides to finish off old lady Motohashi, who just died from the "illness", if she arises from her grave. Meanwhile, Seishin suspects Sunako is one of the risen, by her speech and her genetical illness. While Natsuno is still outside, a young girl, Shizuka Matsuo, wearing kindergarten uniform and using a Japanese-style puppet to talk, goes to his house and asks her parents to let her in and claims to know Natsuno. Natsuno's father suspects the girl though he reluctantly invites her in due to his wife's persuasions. However, the girl, whose eyes glow ominously, asks to wait in Natsuno's room.

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