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"End of Despair ~ Notice ~"
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Episode Summary: Haruka and Yakumo accompany Haruka's mother to the train station. She tells them that she will send them something, but they did not hear what as the train door was already closing as she was telling them. Hijikata Makoto is then shown talking to a doctor at a hospital. The doctor tells her of a ghost appearing and asking patients when they will die. Hijikata promises to relay this case to and expert she knows (Yakumo) and begins to leave running into Saitou Isshin and Nao. Isshin tells her that he is there to consult a doctor because of frequent headaches. While he is there he meets a young girl in a wheelchair and they discuss what happens after death. After comforting her he asks her to become friends with Nao. Meanwhile, the hunt for the culprit of the murder case of Quadruple Nanase, Miyuki Nanase, ends with her being captured by the police. While in jail she believes that Yakumo's father will come and give her freedom, once again (as he did when she was young). The doctor reveals to Isshin that he only has about one year left to live. Later that day Yakumo goes to the temple to borrow the car from his uncle to investigate the ghost in the hospital. Isshin invites them to some tea before they leave and gives them a package from Haruka's mother. The package is revealed to be an album she compiled of pictures sent to her by Yakumo's mother of Yakumo as a child. A little later Isshin tells Yakumo privately what the doctor had said. In the mean time Miyuki Nanase reveals to Gotou and his superior that Yakumo's father plans to kill Isshin.

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