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"Beyond Despair ~ Eternity ~"
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Episode Summary: Miyuki shot Gotou in the stomach to generate hatred within Yakumo so that his father's spirit can attempt a possession. Miyuki explained that the purpose of luring Yakumo to embrace the darkness is to ensure that his state of mind is practically the same as his father, allowing his father and his soul to merge and for his father to take over his body. Yakumo appeared to be possessed by his father as both his eyes is now red; but he has tricked Miyuki by using his uncle's red contact lens. He managed to disarm Miyuki but she managed to escape. Yakumo's father vow to continue to pursue his objectives. Yakumo gave his consent to sign the organ release form to save Sakaibara's daughter; but on the condition that Sakibara turned himself in to the police. Meanwhile, Miyuki drove a car into the lake and her body was never found. Gotou and his wife decides to adopt Nou as their daughter. After the funeral of his uncle, Yakumo discovered his uncle's spirit still lurking around and managed to convince his uncle to leave by telling him that both Nou and he will be fine and that they have a family.

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  1. Max

    Jun 30th, 2013

    Great anime overall, touching and the plot is interesting

  2. alexis

    Feb 7th, 2014

    i loved this anime i cry and its just so awesome i want to whatch more of it

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