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"The Curse Of The White Fox"
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Episode Summary: During the night, two constructors begin fixing a new building near a temple for their boss President Irie, when they see a ghost. The scene returns to Haruka coming to see Saitou to bring him her possessed friend Miki. Saitou tells the spirits on her body that the killer is dead, the spirits leave and Miki regains her conscience. After that they go on the bus together Saitou leaves first going back to the university and Haruka leaves for her part-time job. There Haruka serves President Irie and his friend Kunimatsu. She hears about the Fox curse that has been haunting the building/temple from Kunimatsu. After work she goes to the building and to her surprise meets Saitou's uncle and his home which is a temple. She continues to stay and also meets Irie. Irie was picking up a wooden block that had words written on it from his dead lover. There they hear a little girl laughing and the lights breaking which causes Saitou to save Haruka. Saitou was there to investigate the haunting and deduced they were man-made. Kunimatsu, who was in a shead near them, engineered the hauntings to stop Irie from moving the shrine. Irie tells Saitou and Haruka about his love and how he wants to meet her again. Saitou tells him that she had been waiting there for him all along. Suddenly the fox curse appears and turns out to be his lover. Together they meet and everything is solved.

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