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"Connecting Spirits ~ Possession ~"
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Episode Summary: After stopping to help a man lying in the street, Hijikata Makoto (a reporter and daughter of the chief of police), is possessed by the man's spirit once he passes away. The next day Haruka is asked by a girl to investigate the death of a schoolgirl named Ayaka. While Yakumo is asked by Gotou to investigate the possession of Hijikata as a plea from the chief. While investigating the death of the schoolgirl Ayaka, Haruka saw the ghost of the schoolgirl and fell into the river while trying to communicate with the soul. She was saved by 2 policemen and taken to a clinic to recover. Coincidentally, Gotou and Yakumo were also at the clinic to ask Dr Kinoshita some questions about their investigation. Dr Kinoshita revealed that he was the doctor that delivered Yakumo and asked after his mother. Yakumo revealed his mother tried to kill him 10 years ago when he was a child. A policeman (possibly Gotou) managed to scare her off and she fled from the scene. She has been missing since that night. During the attack, Yakumo snapped the red pendant from his mother's neck. Yakumo pleaded with Dr Kinoshita to let him know his mother's reaction when she saw her newborn son with a red left eye. Dr Kinoshita revealed that she was scared out of her mind. This lead Yakumo to believe he was an unwanted child. Haruka overheard the entire conversation about Yakumo's mother as she was standing outside the door. Yakumo is disgusted with himself and he attempts to throw his mother's pendant into a river. He is stopped by Haruka who talks him out of it and he asks her to hang onto it for him.

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