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"Connecting Spirits ~ Rebirth ~"
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Episode Summary: Ayaka is the daughter of Dr Kinoshita who died during a typhoon and drown in the river. The doctor was also close to Dr Andou Takashi (the ghost possessing Hijikata Makoto). Gotou and Yakumo revealed that they connect Dr Kinoshita to Andou from a photo in Andou's belongings. There was also 2 keys in his belongings. One led to a locker with a bag full of money. Gotou and Yakumo managed to track the 2nd key to a storeroom near a dam. They found a missing girl Hashimoto Rimu along with belongings of 2 murdered young girls. The police believed that Dr Andou was the murderer of the 2 girls. Haruku was attacked by Dr Kinoshita's accomplice who has told him that Haruku would be a good vessel for his daughter's soul. Gotou and Yakumo arrived at the dam but was unable to stop Kinoshita from throwing Haruku into the river and tied down with a weigh. With the help of his mother's pendant, Yakumo managed to rescue Haruku. Dr Kinoshita admitted to the murders of the 2 young girls. He has also killed Andou as he was blackmailing Kinoshita and threatened to go to the police. Dr Kinoshita revealed that a man with 2 red eyes advised him that killing girls about the same age as his daughter would allow her soul to possess their bodies, and Ayaka would return. Yakumo and Haruku told him that her daughter did possess the dead girl's body to console them and take away their fear and pain; each time experiencing the pain and torment of death. Satisfied that his murderer has been dealt with, Andou's spirit left the body of Hijikata. It was revealed that the man with 2 red eyes is Yakumo's father.

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