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"Connecting Thoughts ~ Bonds ~"
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Episode Summary: Yakumo and Detective Gotou are still missing. Makoto and Yuutarou contacted Haruku and discussed with Yakumo's uncle, Isshin on finding Yakumo. Haruku figured out that the ghost video was not shot at the Nanase mansion and both Makoto and Yuutarou also verified that Hoshin Yukiko was a fake. Isshin revealed that the ghost in the video is Yakumo's mother, Azusa. He related the story of how Azusa was kidnapped and held captive when she was young. She eventually escaped two week later and was assisted by Haruku's mother, Keiko. They continued to keep in touch and Isshin had an unopened letter from Keiko to Azusa. The letter revealed that Azusa's fiancée is Shunsuke Takeda, who is a suspect in the Nanase Family Massacre. Meanwhile, Miyuki (the woman with Yakumo's father) was seen outside Haruka's apartment and is planning to capture her to torture Yakumo further. Shunsuke Takeda also appeared to protect Haruku and had lured to the police and managed to scare Miyuki away.

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