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"Connecting Thoughts ~ Light ~"
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Episode Summary: Ishii finally figured out the identity of Miyuki as the woman with Yakumo's father. After interviewing her tutor, Ishii and Hijikata find Detective Gotou in a secret room within the Nanase Mansion, with a little help from Takeda. After untying Detective Gotou he says that Takeda's spirit told him that Yakumo's father was going to kill Haruka in front of Yakumo. Takeda's spirit also told Haruka that Yakumo is in Nagano. She calls her mother and travels to Nagano, to the place where Yakumo's mother was raped. There she finds Yakumo tied to a chair with wounds on his chest. Haruka thinking that Yakumo was dead and starts crying and yells "Don't give up!". Yakumo was alive but weak from the drugs. They leave the house together, but Miyuki appear and tried to kill to kill Haruka. Detective Gotou and arrive on the scene. It was revealed that that woman is actually Nanase Miyuki, the real culprit in the Nanase Quadruple Murder. Yakumo's mother's spirit appears and helps them by detaining Nanase. Gotou revealed that Takeda has told him the truth at the Nanase Mansion about Yakumo's mother. Takeda had proposed to Azusa but after he became a suspect in the Nanase Family Massacre, the shock was too big for her. Furthermore, she was tormented and manipulated by her rapist (Yakumo's father) that Yakumo will kill more people than Takeda because of his red eyes. He then murdered Takeda to keep his quiet. Despair and fear finally drove Azusa to try and kill Yakumo. Yakumo finally realizing his mother truly loved him tells his father that he has now lost. However, he and Nanase are able to escape the area. They discovered the bodies of Azusa and Takeda and their spirit departed peacefully.

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