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"Rima vs. Nagihiko! Are the Two Rivals?"
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Episode Summary: A scene is shown where the X Eggs are being matured with Ikuto's violin. The Guardians and the Guardian Characters clean up the library in the Royal Garden. Rima gets jealous of Nagihiko because of all the time being spent with Amu, so Amu and Nagihiko take Rima to the mall. After many attempts by Amu to get Rima to laugh, Rima declares her rivalry to Nagihiko. In their clumsiness, the Easter employees drop some of their X Eggs while on the pursuit for more. Amu and Rima Character Transform to respond. Nagihiko tells Amu and Rima to go certain ways, but Rima goes the opposite way, and Amu falls into a hole (one of the laughing attempts made earlier). Rima then gets attacked by the X Eggs, but Nagihiko guards her. Rima realizes that they need Nagihiko's help, so they all cooperate, with Amu purifying the X Eggs at the end. Nagihiko ends up falling in a hole himself, and in a show of humor, pulls Rima down the hole with him. Even at the end of the episode, Amu is still trying to make Rima laugh.

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