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"The New Year! First Laughter in Character Transformation!?"
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Episode Summary: This is the Guardians' first visit to this year's New Year Festival. Two festival performers, Kiko and Rin, are practicing for the festival's show. The Guardians decide to help them, with Rima coaching. Lulu joins in and impresses everyone with her skills. An Easter worker calls Lulu away from the festival and informs her that Ikuto has stolen his violin away from Easter. Lulu later finds Ikuto, with his violin over his shoulder, struggling to walk from the previous escape. Ikuto convinces her not to tell that she saw him and she lets him leave. The Guardians are waiting for the show to start, and are wondering where Kiko and Rin are. Lulu finds Kiko and Rin, who have lost their self-confidence. Lulu turns their Heart's Eggs into ? Eggs, causing them to Character Transform to Happy Dream 1 and 2. She stands behind a tree while all of the Guardians Character Transform, except for Nagihiko, who stands nearby. After the Guardians blocked the performers' attacks, Amu changes the ? Eggs into X Eggs, and then purifies them. After that, everyone, except for Lulu who had left, finishes watching the show. Amu returns home and gets ready to go to bed. When she goes to bed, she is surprised to see Ikuto asleep beside her.

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