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"Fare Thee Well, Yamabuki Saaya..."
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Episode Summary: Amu becomes the #1 popular girl at school. Saaya Yamabuki has to transfer to another school, because her father's company is going overseas. She then throws a farewell party. At the party, she surprises Amu and challenges her to three duels to settle who's the most popular before she leaves. Amu wins two and partially the last one. The next day, Amu invites Saaya to the Royal Garden. There, she flirts around Tadase, who tells her he likes girls with spunk. Yaya teases him, causing Amu and Tadase to blush and Saaya to become upset. She runs off, and Lulu finds her. Although Saaya proves to be stubborn, Lulu changed her Heart's Egg to a ? Egg. Saaya transforms into Hinamori Dream. Amu, dumbfounded, transforms into Amulet Heart, with Saaya transforming to Gorgeous Heart. She tries a Spiral Heart Special, but Saaya uses Gorgeous Heart Special, matching in strength. Amu changes to Amulet Spade, and Saaya to Gorgeous Spade. Amu tries using Prism Music, but fails to Saaya's Break Music. Amu changes to Amulet Clover, and Saaya to Gorgeous Clover. Saaya ruined some trees earlier, so Amu fixes them with Remake Honey, but Saaya uses Break Honey. Amu then tells Saaya she is perfect the way she is. Saaya's ? Egg transforms to an X Egg, which Amu purifies, and Saaya is back to normal. Saaya stays in Japan, while her parents left.

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