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"Classified! Make-up Recipe?"
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Episode Summary: The Guardians are gathered at a cafe, and Miki is observing some cake, which Ran steals and eats. Both get in a fight, and Su tells them to stop fighting. Ran calls her cheeky, they all get angry at each other, and Su flies off. Su then finds Mimori, a girl that loves cooking but isn't good at it so instead, she says she wants to be a critic. Surprisingly, Mimori can't see Su but can hear Su's voice. Mimori thinks it is the voice of the cooking fairy and asks for her help. Back at the Royal Garden, the rest of the Guardian Characters are trying to help Ran and Miki become friends again. While they are having a meeting, Diamond appears and tells Ran and Miki to make up quickly. Then, she returns to her egg and flies away, with Ran and Miki following her. After a while, Ran and Miki lose track of where Diamond is and begin fighting again. However, they see Nagihiko talking with Diamond, expressing his enviness towards Amu and wondering when his two eggs will hatch. Later, Lulu finds Mimori, and turns her Heart's Egg to a ? Egg, making her Character Transform into Delicious Dream. Amu tries to Character Transform to stop her, but can't because her Guardian Character's hearts are not aligned. Mimori captures Su, then Ran and Miki work together to save her. All three make up, Amu Character Transforms into Amulet Heart, then Amulet Spade, and then Amulet Clover to stop Mimori. Yoru finds Amu and begs her to help him, because Ikuto is in trouble.

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