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"The Jig is Up!? Utau Pays a Visit!"
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Episode Summary: Ikuto and Amu talk about Utau. Soon, Utau shows up at Amu's doorstep and asks her if they could talk about Ikuto. Amu, accepting the invitation, follows Utau into a ramen shop, where they meet Haruki Maruyama, someone who criticizes ramen-eating styles. Meanwhile, Nana and Lulu are watching them eat ramen and Nana accuses Lulu of being jealous. Afterwards, Amu and Utau leave the shop. Utau shares a story about how she became tied to Easter due to sins committed by their father. Tadase and Kukai show up. As Kukai talks to Utau about a ramen challenge, they go for it and leave Tadase and Amu behind. Tadase starts to call Amu "Amu-chan" instead of "Hinamori-san," and tells her about how he will tell her he loves her from now on. Lulu finds the discouraged Haruki and he becomes Gourmet Dream. Utau and Kukai find Amu and Tadase who transform in Amulet Clover and Platinum Royale. They both get tied by firm ramen and Utau frees them with the trident she gets when she turns into Lunatic Charm. Amu tells Haruki that it's okay as long as you enjoy the way you eat it. She then uses Open Heart. X Eggs gather around the sound of pizzicato(Plucking the stirings of an instrument like violin) and the silhouette of an ominous new Character Transformation.

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