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"New Enemy!? Battle On Moonlight!"
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Episode Summary: Amu dreams about what Tadase told her in the previous episode. She awakens to Ikuto, who is still at her house. At school, Amu burns herself and Tadase helps her. Yaya and Rima begin to get suspicious, of the way they are acting and that Tadase switched from "Hinamori-san" to "Amu-chan." Afterwards, Nagihiko begins telling the crew that he saw kids with empty hearts while hearing the pizzicato. Tadase and Amu begin to suspect things. When walking home, they start hearing the pizzicato. Tadase begins to suspect things even more, and Amu gets worried. As soon as Amu gets home, she asks if Ikuto went out while she was gone while she was at school. He replies no and goes to bed. The scene then shows Kazuomi Hoshina, the director of Easter, explaining his plot. Energy from Ikuto's violin drips and turns into an Egg. There is a blinding purple flash, and Yoru gets worried. Tadase goes to the park as Platinum Royale, to find Ikuto in a strange form—Death Rebel. Tadase knows that his suspicions were correct and starts fighting him. In the morning, Amu notices a fresh cut on Ikuto's right arm. When walking to school, she notices Tadase hurt as well. At the meeting, Tadase tells the group who's behind it—Ikuto. Amu is alarmed as Tadase tells what had happened last night. Amu starts thinking about telling them about Ikuto, but changes her mind and asks why Tadase has a grudge against him. Everyone becomes silent until Yaya changes the subject. Outside, Amu seeks Nagihiko's advice, making him look and talk like Nadeshiko. While talking, Amu starts to wonder if she really should or should not tell him. On the way home, Tadase buys flowers for his sick grandmother. Amu starts bringing up the subject about Ikuto staying at her house, but instead she says he's not a bad person. Tadase gets a serious look on his face and tells Amu that Ikuto is nothing but a black cat who brings misfortune.

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  1. nyan

    Nov 30th, 2016

    oh fuck I know that this is an anime for kids and it has magical girl and stuff but I cant stop watching it for ikuto >w<

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