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"Shocking! First Date, Busted!?"
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Episode Summary: Tadase is buying flowers for his grandmother, and he tells Amu that Ikuto is a black cat that brings misfortune, but Amu can not see how Ikuto is that way. Meanwhile, at Seiyo Academy, some students come and interview the Guardians for their class newspaper. When Amu looks at Tadase, the students see them looking at each other and think the two are 'going out,' and write this in the newspaper. At the end of the school day, Tadase asks Amu out on a date in the evening, and Amu goes home to find out what she could wear. Amu remembers Ikuto and realizes he needs a shower. He showers while Amu guards the door. When Ikuto finishes, he and Amu opened the door and find Amu's mother waiting outside. Amu, Amu's mother, and Ikuto discuss the issue of him staying in Amu's room and Amu not trusting her parents. They decide to have Ikuto spend the night at a hotel. Amu forgets about her date with Tadase and goes to help Ikuto pack. Tadase comes over right when Amu and Ikuto are packing together, to see why Amu had not come for the date. Ikuto tells Tadase that he's been living in Amu's room and heard his confession to Amu. Tadase gets furious and upset at Amu, and hurries out of her house. Amu scolds Ikuto, saying that he should get out of her house. Amu begins to run after Tadase, but doesn't find him in the end. Later we see, Ikuto is seen walking away from Amu's house, only to be captured by Easter.

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