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"Amu-chan's Loong Day!?"
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Episode Summary: Amu goes back to school and worries about having to face Tadase. However, Kiseki comes to bring news that Tadase has a cold, making Amu feel relieved. The rest of the Guardians notice that Amu is unhappy and try to cheer her up, but it doesn't seem to work. Yaya comes up with the idea of paying Tadase a visit. However, Nagihiko proposes that Amu be the "representative" and see Tadase by herself, because too many people seeing Tadase wouldn't be good for him. On her way, she sees Lulu, who also notices that Amu isn't happy. She Character Changes with Nana and asks her to tell her what was wrong, but before Amu says anything, the Character Change is over. Lulu runs away, mortified. Amu heads to the mall, and ends up meeting two twin sisters, Nemi and Nami. After that, Lulu sees the twins upset and turns their Heart's Eggs into ? Eggs, making them transform into Twin Dream. The other Guardians come to help Amu and at the end, they defeat Twin Dream. Meanwhile, Tadase is at a park and talking with Kiseki. He promises that he is going to go to school the next day and talk over the situation with Amu.

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