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"Ikuto and Amu Sorrowful Battle!"
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Episode Summary: Kukai is out shopping for groceries for his older brothers. On the way back, he encounters Tadase. Tadase tells him he wishes he had an older brother, so Kukai invites Tadase to his house. There, his brothers complain about getting the wrong groceries and Kukai's oldest brother, Kaido, challenges him to a soccer match. After his "special training," Kukai tells Tadase that the Guardians and Guardian Characters will always be with him. Meanwhile, Amu runs away from home and goes to the park, after Yoru comes and begs her to help save Ikuto. Her Guardian Characters catch up with her and tell Amu not to worry. She Character Transforms into Amulet Heart and begins looking for Ikuto. She finds him at the old amusement park and watches him Character Transform into Death Rebel. Amu doesn't want to fight Ikuto, but when he is about to hurt her with his scythe, Tadase appears and deflects the attack.

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