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"Fierce Battle! I'll Become the Ace Player!"
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Episode Summary: Lulu and Nana are walking down the street when they see a baseball-playing girl practicing her pitches. The next day, Amu is relaxing when a baseball comes straight for her. The same girl from yesterday, Natsuko Nishino, catches it before it can hit her. Amu decides to try baseball, seeing as how girls can play it too. The problem is that she does not know how to play and Natsuko has issues with the current pitcher, Fujita, who is mocking her talent. After meeting with Rima and Yaya, Yaya recommends that Amu and Natsuko go see Kukai for special training. When the day of the pitcher test arrives, Natsuko is not chosen as the pitcher. She leaves, and Lulu turns her Heart's Egg into a ? Egg. When Amu finds her, she Character Transforms to Pitching Dream. Kukai and Amu become Sky Jack and Amulet Heart. Natsuko throws a baseball to Amu, thinking she can't hit it. After she finally hits the baseball and home run, Amu tells Natsuko to keep trying and uses Open Heart. The game goes without a problem the next day.

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