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"Chance Encounter at the World Music Fair?"
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Episode Summary: Amu and the other Guardians go to the World Music Fair. They are also worried that Easter will be there since it is a place where many people will gather. Amu invites Yoru to go along as well. Lulu also goes disguised as a fairy dancer. She hands out flowers to children while dancing. Lulu sees the Easter vans and dances into the one where Ikuto is being held. She ties up the workers and Nana turns off the tuning fork. Lulu frees Ikuto, because she does not want him to get the Embryo, as she wants it for her mother. Ikuto leaves the Easter van, and walks around the fair. One of the children that Lulu gave a flower to has her Heart's Egg turned into a ? Egg and becomes Dancing Dream. Amu is walking with Tadase, and is just about to walk into Ikuto when the Guardian Characters come over and tell Amu there is a ? Egg. Amu and Tadase run off to see the cause. Amu and Tadase become Amulet Spade and Platinum Royale. Yaya and Rima are caught under the girl's spell and can't stop dancing. She turns nearby people into ballerinas who surround Amu and Tadase. Suddenly, Nagihiko appears and says that he will teach the girl what dancing really is. They do a ballroom dance, and her ? Egg turns into an X Egg. Amu uses Open Heart, and everything goes back to normal. Ikuto is feeling weak again, and walking through a park, he sees Amu and Yoru, but then collapses. On Amu's way home, Yoru keeps saying he feels Ikuto's presence nearby. They turn around and search for Ikuto. Before they can find him, Easter does and takes him away.

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