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"Resound, My Voice! To Who I Used to Be!!"
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Episode Summary: Picking up after last episode, Utau manages to keep the festival going and saves the show. Backstage, Nagihiko finds Yua and the two talk for a while. Nagihiko mentions that Cecil was born from Yua's dream, and if she doesn't believe in her, she'll disappear. Next day, an article about Yua's time with the Guardians comes out. Amu still hasn't heard from Yua though, and begins to worry. Cecil suddenly appears and explains that Yua freezes up when singing in front of people and that she hides when Yua sings. She's trying to force herself to hate singing. Yua's current uncertainty makes her a target for Lulu, and Cecil undergoes an extreme change when Lulu uses her necklace on Yua. Amu and Yaya follow Cecil to Yua, and when Amu and Yaya find them, they perform a Character Transformation, becoming Vocal Singer Dream. Amu and Yaya transform to Amulet Spade and Dear Baby, and fight Yua. Utau later appears as Seraphic Charm and comes to help when Amu is bound by music notes. After some pushing from Amu, Yua reveals that no one believed she can sing. Amu tells her that she will listen to her. Amu performs Open Heart purifying both Yua and Cecil. The episode ends with Yua singing "Secret Princess."

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