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"Confrontation! The Great ? Egg Calamity!!"
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Episode Summary: Lulu admits it was her extracting all the ? Eggs and Amu asks about her dream and what it is, but Lulu tells her to leave. Afterward, Amu tells the Guardians about Lulu. While the Guardian Characters are drinking tea, Nana shows up and tells them that Lulu is not a bad person and is only doing this to make a certain person happy. Meanwhile, Lulu is handing out her necklaces telling people that it will make their dreams come true, in order to attract the Embryo. The Guardian Characters sense the presence of ? Eggs and hurry to the scene. Lulu is standing on one of the ? Eggs, waiting for the Embryo to appear. Everyone Character Transforms into Amulet Heart, Platinum Royale, Clown Drop, and Dear Baby. Amu tries to reason with Lulu, and Nana blurts out that the person she wants to make happy is her mother. Amu tells her that her mother would not be happy if she knew Lulu was using people's dreams, but Lulu takes out the necklace in her pocket and uses it against herself. Nana is immediately forced into her egg and Lulu prepares to undergo a Character Transformation.

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