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"Heart to Heart"
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Episode Summary: After the last episode, the ? Eggs go on a full out attack on the Guardians. While Amu is distracted, Lulu undergoes a Character Transformation, becoming Dream Dream. Amu tries to get Lulu to stop, but Lulu indirectly reveals that she has no dream and attacks her. The Guardians try to handle the ? Eggs. After helping Rima, Nagihiko asks for a retreat, but Rima says that they have to fight for everyone's dreams. Amu again tries to talk some reason into Lulu. It appears to work at first, but Lulu attacks. Amu tells her they're the same when it comes to not knowing their dreams. Lulu listens this time, and Amu uses Open Heart to purify her and the ? Eggs. Lulu sees the Embryo amidst the swarm of purified Eggs. When Lulu comes to, Nana has disappeared because Lulu had selfishly used her for her own intentions. Lulu apologizes, and the egg hatches to reveal a reborn Nana. Lulu hugs her in tears, apologizes to Amu and the Guardians, and reforms. Lulu's mother later meets her and tells her that she has worked hard for her. At home, the two talk and her mother tells her that she wanted a break from movies because Lulu was always waiting for her. The next day, Lulu leaves for France, because her mother landed a movie role. Amu and Lulu promise to meet again.

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